How To Get A Second Chance With My Ex Boyfriend

Getting Your Ex Boyfriend Back – For A Second Time

Author: +Freddie Cook

couples0057Everyone deserves a second chance, not just with relationships, but with everything.

Everyone makes mistakes and mistakes are necessary, it’s how we learn.

Getting things wrong sometimes is to be expected.

Which means we deserve another chance at getting it right…

…and that includes you, you deserve another chance with your ex boyfriend (or husband).

I know you’re anxious to get him back quickly before he meets someone else and before he really manages to get over you, but rushing things just now is not the way to go.

Time really is a great healer, and this is so true when it comes to broken relationships. All of those heightened emotions from the breakup will fade… if they’re allowed to.

… but if your ex is being reminded of them before they’ve had a chance to subside, they will remain at boiling point, and that will drive you both further apart.

==>> Your second chance at getting him back <<==

So stop trying to CONVINCE him… it won’t work!

Your Second Chance To Get Him Back

Besides…The KEY to getting your boyfriend back is realizing this:

Your breakup isn’t unique.

You’re not a special snowflake.

In fact, ALL relationships follow a pattern. It doesn’t matter whether you have kids together, share a special bond or met in Paris. Stop believing that your relationship was out of the ordinary and therefore requires some unique approach and special attention to repair.

Here’s some good news…

Men all behave in a very similar and predictable manner. (like I had to tell you that…)

By taking advantage of very specific male psychological “hot buttons”, you can cause your ex boyfriend to want you back. It’s actually not even that hard if you know what specific “buttons” to push.

This is why trying to reason, use logic and argue with your ex simply wont work.

Telling him how much you care about him wont work.

It’ll push him away…

He just doesn’t respond to it on a deep emotional level. His DNA is hard coded to respond to something entirely different.

Did You Push Him Away?

Right now your emotions are clouding your better judgement.

It takes an outside perspective to address an issue as difficult as a breakup and bring to light some difficult realities.

So, how does a woman push her boyfriend away?
By being controlling and suspicious.
Keeping “tabs” on her boyfriend.
Letting herself go physically.
Letting herself go financially.
Not putting effort into having fun anymore.

You get the idea.

We tend to take our relationships for granted and let things slide once the initial passion has worn off.

We fall into a routine and gradually things start to change…
His sex drive went away.
He starts giving you one word answers.
He stops laughing at your jokes.
He stops “looking” at you the same way.
Until the day he comes to you and says:

“We need to talk”

He probably said things like:
“I just need time apart”
“I need space”
“It’s not you, it’s me”
“Things just aren’t the same anymore”
“Can we still be friends?”

And the rest is history. You already know what happens because you just went through the breakup yourself. And now… the pity party is over. It’s time to dig yourself out of the hole you’re in… and learn how to get him back this page will help you succeed…

The Best System You Need To Get Your Ex Back

Get Your Ex Back – Which System Works The Best?

Author: +Freddie Cook

couples0065If you’re looking to buy a system to get your ex back, one that’s complete with a well laid out plan then, in our opinion, the best system to get your ex back is also the one that is the most popular.

Out of all the products we’ve ever reviewed, this one is, by far, the most successful. Quite simply, the methods are appealing and… they work!.. perhaps for the following reasons:

It’s main revolutionary method of using couples psychology to reignite those feelings of attraction and passion set’s it apart from all the other ex-back methods, and it uses those psychology triggers in devastatingly clever ways.

It’s modern, it’s fresh, it’s different to all the older methods being sold.

And it’s not just about getting your ex back…

Getting back together again is all very well, but what about going forward?

There’s little point in attracting your ex back into your arms again just to go through another breakup…

Don’t worry, it has you covered… it’s not just about recapturing your ex, but keeping your relationship rock solid after you’ve succeeded in getting back together. As I said above, rekindling your passion and desire for each other is also catered for… the complete package for saving your relationship.

The current program has been highly successful worldwide.

It’s a complete system and not just a single, downloadable PDF, the new version now includes a complete membership area with accompanying video, audio, and PDF files. Other major improvements include clear step-by-step instructions.

But beware… it’s NOT just about downloading this product, you really have to follow the program the way it expects you to. All the shortcuts are already in place.

Which means… if you’re not good at following a well laid out system then perhaps this program isn’t for you…

However, it is a quick way of getting your ex back, you just have to keep in mind that all the short-cuts are already incorporated within the program already, and trying to make it work faster than it’s designed to do, will greatly decrease your chances of success. A warning you should heed!

For everyone searching for a working method to get their ex back after a breakup, then This system is breaking new ground and proving there is much more to rekindling your relationship than just convincing your ex into giving you another chance.

This is a powerful tool that, when used correctly, can bring more passion, romance, intimacy, desire, attraction, and fun to every interaction with your ex or loved one.

You can find out more about it, here >>> … Your Second Chance… FAST

How to Get My Ex Back When She Has Moved On

Don’t Give Up… It Doesn’t Mean She’s Over You…

Author: +Freddie Cook

couples0061HELP!… I’m dying here!

…Your girlfriend has moved on without you but you still want her back…

Most guys make it really difficult for themselves and do everything wrong, then they panic because they can see her moving on without them.

But… just because she’s moved on, possibly with someone else, doesn’t mean that’s the end. So, give yourself the best chance of success and get that second chance with your ex you’re looking for…

I know it’s heart wrenching… you still want her back but she seems to have moved on without you…

I’m also fairly certain you are not sure exactly what to do or where to turn for help, because up till now, everything you’ve tried has failed to change her mind…


… so far, you’ve most likely been just the same as most other guys and made it really difficult by doing everything wrong.

Don’t blame yourself for that, it’s natural, trying all the obvious, but desperate, tactics will fail, because they are simply the wrong techniques to use.

Here’s a bit of good news, just because she’s moved on, even if it’s with someone else, doesn’t mean that’s the end. There are less obvious and much less desperate methods you can use…

If you did something that caused her to jump ship, don’t be put off. Almost anything you did can be resolved… all it takes is the right technique or method… And remember, even time and distance can be to your advantage. If you truly love her… stick with it…

Here are a few tips to help you get your ex girlfriend back, even if she has moved on to another man and no longer appears interested in you. Relationship breakups don’t have to be permanent.

Be Convincing

seductionThe first step to getting the girl of your dreams back is finding a way to connect with her again, you will need to convince her that she still wants you, and not just as a friend…

You want to avoid that “friendship zone” completely. If you’re already in that zone, then you need to learn how to get out of it.

Unless she really has no feelings for you, or you did something really unforgivable, then you have a number of options open to you.

You might also want to consider that your ex girlfriend may want you back, but for one reason or another isn’t making it very obvious. They may fear rejection, or being hurt again.

Be Friendly

One of the best things that you can do at this time is to simply be her friend. You still love your ex girlfriend so be the best friend to her that you possibly can, showing her that you understand and care, and that you can be in her company without creating any drama. But… be careful, you don’t want to stay as ‘just friends’…

Demonstrate to her that you can have fun and have a healthy friendship with her. When all the emotional displays have subsided, she may realize that she wants you back again.

Be Tantalizing

Whenever you have any contact with your ex girlfriend, be calm and be kind to her, but you will also want to be a little hard to get. You are going to want her to want you, but you’re also going to need her to want your relationship breakup rescued.

It can be much too easy just being good friends, she may decide to stay within her comfort zone, not exactly the second chance you had in mind.

Don’t let this happen, so make her feel that she cannot have you just yet. You want to give a slight air of hard to get, making her more interested in you in the process.

You could, of course, rekindle all the passion and desire she once had… and give her a nudge in the right direction at the same time.

Be Popular

You should be playing a little bit hard to get, but don’t overdo it, you also want to make sure that she knows that you are available. Get out and about with your friends and family, you might even try a little flirting, because a little bit of jealousy never hurt anyone.

But, be careful, you don’t want her to think that you are unavailable, she probably won’t come running after you. Being popular can help regain the interest of your ex and reverse your relationship breakup.

Be Cool

Appearing needy or desperate is a big turn off for most people, Confidence and happiness is what you really want to be showing, especially if you want to get her back in the shortest time.

By playing things cool to get your ex girlfriend back, you are letting her know that you are alright with the breakup, and that you are willing to move on.

This is a much better tactic than acting desperate. If you want everything to work out then avoid being clingy and play it cool.

Be Clever

Another really good thing to do is reminding her of some of the best times that you spent together. Reminiscing can help to rekindle some of her lost feelings.

These good memories will help to remind her of how good the two of you were as a couple. Let the bad memories stay in the past, don’t bring them up at all, they’ll do you no good. Recalling your good times and avoiding your bad times is always a good tactic to get your ex back.

Now, This Is How to Get My Ex Back When She Has Moved On

Taking action is the most important part of getting your ex back.

Do nothing and nothing will ever change…

Here’s an explanation of the best action you need to take to get your ex back again… and turn the whole experience into fun while you do it…

Here’s more on… Your Second Chance To Get Her Back

Make Your Relationship Stronger | Have A Breakup

How To Make Your Relationship Stronger

Author: +Freddie Cook
Wilhelmina Volter & Igor InouWell… why not? If you’ve read anything at all about fixing breakups and reuniting the couples involved then you can hardly fail to notice a general theme that runs through them all…

… fix your breakup and make your relationship even stronger than it was before the split.

You know the old saying, “break up to make up.” Although that might be more about increasing excitement and spicing things up a bit.

But, it still makes sense, doesn’t it? If you want to fix your relationship and make it stronger, simply get back together again.

Okay, that’s obviously a bit ‘tongue in cheek’ at best or simply an over simplification, but…

… the reason that relationships can grow stronger after going through a breakup is because of all the work that has gone into fixing the problems that existed before the collapse of the relationship.

It’s getting rid of all the underlying problems that increases the strength of the couple’s bonds. Not the breakup itself.

However, does that mean a breakup is a good thing?

The short answer is… yes… and no.

Once you come to the realization that you have terminal relationship problems, or at least you feel they are heading that way, and you and your partner are mature and strong enough to take the necessary steps to fix the problems, then a breakup would obviously be totally unnecessary. In fact, it could even harm the relationship.

On the other hand, it’s almost impossible for one partner, on their own, to eradicate all the problems in their relationship. Solving the problems that are pushing them apart will take effort from both of them working together.

So, might it be a good idea to walk out on a partner in order to make them realize just how important solving the relationship problems are to you?

Now that’s the real question.

And the answer depends on several things.

How deep set are your relationship problems?
Is there really no way you can get your partner on side to solve the problems?
Is walking away likely to invoke the right reaction from your partner, ie. sit up and take notice?
Are you prepared to walk away… for good?.. Because it may come to that.

Every relationship is different, so in the end it becomes an individual judgment call.

YOU have to decide. Instigating a breakup in order to strengthen your relationship can work if the action of actually breaking up shocks your partner into wanting to work with you to fix your relationship. But… it’s a gamble.

However, if you really have reached the end of your tether and you’ve nowhere else to turn, then taking that gamble might just be worth it.

You could also try restoring the love, passion, desire and romance in your relationship, sometimes that’s all it takes and it’s a lot less risky… and… a lot more FUN!

Breakup Advice To Help You Reconnect With Your Ex

The Breakup… What Just Happened?

Author: +Freddie Cook

couples0063Breakups happen, but there’s usually a good reason behind it. You may not like the reason, or agree with it, but it’s what you have to deal with if you stand any chance of reconnecting with your ex.

So, why did your breakup happen? What caused your relationship to deteriorate to such an extent that a breakup seemed the only possible solution to, at least, one of you?

The breakup advice to help you reconnect with your ex is all about discovering the root cause of your relationship breakup, finding a solution that will fix the problem and then using some well tried and trusted methods, a system, to get you back together with your ex.

To this end, it may help you to pinpoint what the exact reason for your breakup was if you understand a bit more about relationship problems and how they come about. Don’t skip this bit because identifying your problems usually turn out to be symptoms rather than causes.

In other words, things like fighting and arguing constantly are not the reason for your breakup, there is something more fundamental that needs fixing in your relationship that caused the frequent arguments and subsequent split.

For the most part, relationships come about because of egos. Someone makes you feel good about yourself and in turn you make them feel good about themselves and so a relationship begins. It may seem a bit basic, but fundamentally that’s what happens. If you continue to feed each other’s egos you’ll continue to have a good relationship together. If you destroy each other’s egos, your relationship is doomed. Egos make or break a relationship, so egos can be the key to help you reconnect with your ex.

An Example

Very often, this is where things break down. Just as an example, I know a married couple, with two children, who reached the stage of staying married just for the sake of their kids, and it’s how this came about that’s of interest. The breakup advice that saved their marriage started with finding the fundamental cause behind their problems and fixing it, this allowed them to reconnect in a more meaningful way.

Nothing big happened to cause their love to disappear, for instance, neither of them was ever unfaithful. The kids were well behaved and didn’t cause them any real problems. From the outside they appeared like a loving stable family with few problems. They didn’t even seem to have money worries on the surface.

So what happened?

Well, they were both guilty of committing ‘harmless’ offenses against each other. Little things that they both regarded as insignificant. She would buy expensive clothes and accessories but keep the true cost from him. Of course he suspected that all those bargains weren’t entirely true, especially as she slipped up occasionally and he discovered the truth without having to search for it. And, of course, he would say it didn’t matter, it was something she really wanted and he liked her looking good anyway.

So, Who’s Fault Was It?

They were both at fault here, by trying to ‘con’ him, he felt that she didn’t trust him with the truth, that she respected him less than she used to. He compounded this by ‘giving in’ instead of confronting the issue, and ended up respecting himself less because of it. And, naturally, she new that it really did matter to him, that he lied saying it didn’t matter.

From her point of view, she actually did respect him less, from two different angles. The first one was that she had managed to ‘con’ him on many occasions that he hadn’t known about for certain. The second was that he either, didn’t trust her with the truth by not letting her know his true feelings, or he was too weak to confront her about it.

Obviously, if this was all that had happened then their relationship may not be quite as strong as it was previously, but it wouldn’t be at breaking point either. The point is, something that seems so small and harmless can lessen a relationship, even if only by a small amount.

But it didn’t stop there. Now that he no longer trusted her as far as money goes, he began questioning all her purchases, sometimes directly, but most often just in his head. But even when not spoken, she would somehow pick up on this distrust. She felt he no longer respected her as much as he used to, and she was right. Their situation was beginning to snowball, their relationship was on a downward spiral. They both felt they were growing apart and neither of them felt they had any control over their situation. Both of their egos were getting bruised.

Time Doesn’t Always Heal…

All this happened over several years, it wasn’t a sudden thing, if it was they would most likely have understood where it was all coming from and fixed it themselves, but they didn’t. It was a slow corrosion, and it was their love and closeness that was corroding away.

They both ended up fighting for control, not over each other, but control over what was happening to them. The problem was they didn’t realize the real cause behind it all so they grappled with the problems from different perspectives and in an uncoordinated fashion. They ended up working against each other and making things worse.

Small arguments became distorted and, instead of lasting five minutes or so, they lasted days. They hid all this from their children by acting as if nothing was wrong when any of them were present, which meant they were confined to arguing at the very times they used to use for more quality moments. The intimacy in their relationship almost disappeared entirely. Neither of them felt desired any more. Another blow to their egos.

The whole point of this is to make you really think about the cause of your breakup because it’s not often very obvious. The better you can pinpoint the problem, the easier it will be to fix your relationship and get things back on track.

Breakup Advice and Help

If you have difficulty managing to figure out the exact cause of your breakup, don’t give up. There are professionals on hand that are experienced in getting to the root cause of relationship problems. Marriage counselors are experts on relationship problems and they’re there to help you, not only discover why you’re going through, or contemplating, a breakup, but also to give you breakup advice to get you both back on track again and reconnect with your ex.

Relationship Breakups

Relationship breakups are nothing new, they’ve been happening all the time down through the ages. Relationships, and not just breakups, have been studied for just as long. You’ll find it very difficult to come up with a reason for your breakup that they haven’t come across before.

Not every relationship breakup manages to get reversed. Some simply go about getting their ex back the wrong way. Others just aren’t meant to be fixed. But in spite of everything, many relationship breakups do get rescued, even from problems like affairs.

So don’t give up, it may not be easy depending on your own circumstances and how you go about getting your ex back, but with the breakup advice to help you reconnect with your ex that you need, you’ll be able to succeed… click here and make a positive change to your life.

Get Your Ex Back And Have Fun Doing It

Breakups Aren’t Fun!

Author: +Freddie Cook

couples0051You often feel a breakup coming. You can feel them pulling away, putting some distance between you both. Then it’s “I’m leaving you.” Or worse, “We have to talk…” That’s the moment your heart hits the bottom of your stomach and panic sets in.

Whether you feel the breakup coming or not, nothing prepares you for that moment. Your future has just been put on hold, all those desires and plans have just been extinguished. You’ve just lost the love of your life. If you could only rekindle the love

But, this is not the time to panic. If you want to get your ex back you have to decide, panic and do or say all the wrong things, or keep a level head and use all that anxiety, anger, loneliness and pain to turn things round and reverse your breakup.

At this point you’ll get loads of well intentioned advice from friends and relatives. Most of it conflicting and, lets be honest, fairly useless. But the best advice to get over an ex is also the best advice to get your ex back, so it’s a win win situation, you can’t lose – if you follow this advice to fix your relationship breakup…

So what is this breakup advice?

Simply, let your ex go.

If you’re trying to get over your ex

It will help you to get on with your life if you accept the breakup and let them go. It’s not easy, but becoming a hermit and wallowing in self-pity helps no-one, least of all you. Instead, put yourself out there. Have fun with your friends, enjoy life again. If your friends are hesitant or unavailable for whatever reason (it does happen) then expand your social circle and your interests. Believe me, it works.

If your trying to get your ex back

It will help you in more ways than one. Chasing an ex usually makes them run, in the opposite direction. By letting your ex go, you’re not chasing them, so they’re not running away from you. In fact, they’re still as close to you as they were just before the breakup.

If you don’t make matters worse, you stand every chance of making them better. All you need to know is how to go about it.

So, let them go and have fun instead. In the process you can start to real them in again.

Some breakup questions to help you

Think about how your ex will react when they realize how confident and happy you are without them.

Do you think they’ll be surprised? You can bank on it. They’ve taken your pain and suffering for granted, that’s exactly what they expect, after all – they’ve just dumped you.

Will it stir their curiosity? You can bank on that too. They’ll wonder what’s going on. You should be devastated and you’re clearly not.

Does that mean you’re on their mind. Yep, something else you can bank on. They’ll definitely be thinking about you and that’s exactly what you want them to be doing.

Is a confident and happy person more attractive than someone appearing depressed and pitiful? Yes, your right again. And when you want to get your ex back, you want to be as attractive as possible.

Will they stop taking you for granted now? And once again, the answer is yes. They won’t be able to do anything else, they failed to predict how you would react to the breakup, so they can no longer have any confidence in their own expectations where you are concerned.

Are you starting to see the benefits of going about getting your ex back and having fun doing it as a more successful way of going about it? I really hope your answer is yes.

Letting your ex go doesn’t mean you’ll lose them

As you’ve seen from all the previous questions, letting your ex go will actually help you get them back. If done right, it’s your ex that will be doing the chasing. They’ll want you back.

In any case, there are so many more things you can do in your plan to get your ex back. So get a plan of action together, one that works. If you don’t know all the other things you can do, then click here

How to Get Your Husband’s Love Back

Reclaiming Your Husbands Love

Author: +Freddie Cook

couples0052All relationships go through rough times, and when they do, it’s easy to just let things slip. Unless steps are taken early enough, these troubled times can end up months, or sometimes years, long.

When this happens, love seems to leave the marriage and you start feeling like you’re just existing together instead of living life together.

This will no doubt have you wanting to know how to get your husband’s love back and rebuild all the old passion and desire. You want him to fall in love with you all over again before your relationship ends up in divorce.

You want to ward off the breakup and get things back to the way they used to be. The thing is, your husband may very well feel the same.

Both of you have let problems come between you and they are preventing you from communicating effectively with each other.

This is a very common scenario in a lot of relationships and not just marriage. Stubbornness and egos can be real stumbling blocks to reconciliation.

If you feel that you’re marriage has lost all it’s love, you should understand that if your husband is still there, he probably does still love you.

“Falling out of love” is a term that is often applied to a marriage that’s gone stale, but what it frequently means from the man’s point of view is that he has fallen out of love with the way the marriage is going.

Your husband may have pulled away from you because he is not happy but can offer no more detailed explanation for his feelings. Men have a hard time accurately interpreting, and then communicating, what they are feeling.

Even if they can’t put words to it, what they are often feeling is the relationship doesn’t make them feel good about themselves anymore.

When you first started your relationship, you were both putting your best foot forward and putting a lot of time and effort into making the other person feel good about you and about themselves. You both worked on your relationship.

So your relationship became stronger and both you and your husband felt wanted, important, interesting and competent, just to name a few.

For men, these feelings are what makes him feel like he is loved and in love. So, it’s important to understand that when your husband says (or you think) he doesn’t love you anymore, that simply might not be true.

It’s very likely that he’s actually mourning the loss of the relationship that made him feel so great about himself and about you.

So, now that you know this… what can you do?

Get Your Husband’s Love Back

First, you get it all out. Tell your husband that you are feeling a distance in your marriage and you miss the closeness and intimacy that you both once enjoyed.

Ask him if he wants to improve your marriage and rekindle what you once had. This could scare him because he thinks it will take a lot of work but don’t worry about that.

The goal here is to communicate your desire to your husband.
Then you show him that he’ll probably like what you have in mind.

Define what you miss in your relationship. If that happens to be more affection, then show more real affection to your husband.

If you want more appreciation, let him know you appreciate him first.

Sure, you have to take the first steps, but in time, you’ll see that he’ll respond.

It’s not unusual in the beginning that your husband will just look at you funny or totally reject your attempts. This will probably be hard on your ego but don’t give up!

You’ll see in time that you’ve found the answer to “ How to get your husband’s love back?” Concentrate on each other and try and resolve any problems that come between you.

Get Your Ex Back After A Trial Separation

Sometimes Trial Separations Become Permanent

Author: +Freddie Cook

couples0038There are lots of ways to go about repairing a relationship and the choice of method depends largely on what the problems are. Sometimes a trial separation is used as a relationship fix when the couple think that some time apart may be beneficial.

But, it’s not always a joint decision.

There are times when the choice to try a trial separation is taken by just one of the couple.

Getting your ex back can be a difficult task at the best of times, but even after a separation, rather than after a breakup, it can still be difficult to achieve. Occasionally, one or the other of the couple decides they prefer being apart.

So, trial separations don’t always go the way we’d like them to and end up causing more problems instead of solving them.

That makes getting back together again even more difficult, which isn’t that surprising.

Why A Trial Seperation

The whole point of a separation is to give each other some time and space to work through your own problems without the distractions of your partner, to let things cool down and to discover exactly what you really feel for each other, to see how much you miss each other.

In other words it’s a trial period apart.

The problem with a trial separation is that it’s often seen as permanent from the outset, from at least one of the partners.

They see it as a gentler way of actually splitting up, like doing it in stages hoping their partner will come to like the idea in the process.

This is a shame, because relationships can benefit greatly when the couple as a whole work on their relationship. A separation, if done correctly, can make the couple even closer and their relationship stronger.

But, only if the intentions of both of them are to fix their problems and mistakes so they don’t crop up again in the future.

What About An Actual Breakup?

Strangely enough, that’s also how to rescue a relationship after a breakup.

The first step is to treat the time apart like a trial separation and during this time apart, identify and fix any problems and mistakes before approaching your ex again.

And, like a separation, this can be a very rewarding experience for both partners.

The key is having enough time apart to succeed. Initially, while feelings are still running high, this is crucial.

Until all their emotions have settled down they won’t be able to work on anything to do with their partner or spouse, they won’t have time or space to miss them because so many other conflicting emotions will just get in the way.

Anger and resentment mixed with frustration are very common. Add to that fear, rejection and loneliness, possibly even helplessness, and there’s little chance of any constructive healing going to happen.

So if you’re looking for a relationship fix to get your ex back, then try some time apart with no contact whatsoever, until you’re both in a calm frame of mind and your feelings are well under control.

If you can say to your ex, “I forgive you!” and mean it sincerely without adding in a “but,” then you’re likely ready to start working on your relationship problems and a trial separation may help you to accomplish this.

There are other methods of solving your relationship problems, if you’re having a lot of trouble then you may need a little help… click here.

How To Get Him Back After YOU Messed Up

What Can You Do To Get Him Back

Author: +Freddie Cook

getting him back after I messed upHow do you get your ex boyfriend back? How do you convince him that what the two of you had together was special? How do you get him to think it was his fault and come crawling back to you?

So… what did you do? Forget his birthday? Forget his Mother’s Birthday?… Oooh, you did the dirty with one of his mates?

Well then, that could be awkward…

I suppose your biggest question is: “How am I going to reconcile that?”

What CAN I do to get him back?”

Well, first of all stop feeling so guilty. Whatever happened, you were both at fault to some degree. Yeah, you acted in a moment of weakness, but let’s face it, it’s his fault he chooses mates that are so good looking, and it’s his fault he has a mate that’s willing to steal his gf – or something similar…

Do you think that argument might work?

… No?

What if HE’d cheated on YOU? What could he do or say to get you to forgive him and trust him again?

Would saying sorry cut it? How about texting you every 5 minutes? Getting down on his knees and pleading forgiveness? Begging you to take him back and promising nothing like that will ever happen again?

… No?

What about buying you flowers, a new dress, an ocean going yacht? Would any kind of gift do?

… No?

He could always try following you around, being at every party or social event you’re at, being in your face 24/7… would that work?

… No?

Then there’s always going out with some other girl, parading her in front of you… make you jealous. Yeah, that’d bring you running back… wouldn’t it?

… No?

Well, at least we’re getting somewhere, if it wouldn’t work with you… it’s just as unlikely to work with your ex.

At least now you know what to avoid doing.

So what’s left?

Well, it just so happens that there is something you can do after all… click here, especially if you have been trying any of those BAD tactics.

What To Do After You Messed Up

Alternatively, if you don’t think that would work, then simply… apologize – just once, but do it sincerely… and mean it.

Too many times, after people say “I’m sorry,” there’s an “Oops I did it again,” moment. You’re not Britney Spears. It’s not cute. When you say you are sorry, whatever the problem, you have to commit to changing…

… Otherwise, you don’t mean it and you won’t get your ex back for long.

Be prepared to chase him a little bit. This doesn’t mean sending him hundreds of text messages or stalking him, but you have got to show him that you are still interested if you want to get your guy back again.

You can’t expect him to come running back just because you have sent out some hints that you are ready to re-start the relationship. Put your ego in check and put your heart on the line.

You may have to settle for something less than you wanted. It may be that he is only ready to be friends when you want a full fledged boyfriend.

It may take time to rebuild the trust. If this is the case, you need to give him the space he needs to get to know you again. Accept that you have to take what he is offering right now if you want to eventually get him back.

Finally, you have to know when to give up on this effort to get your ex boyfriend back… Sometimes, you just have to be realistic… If your boyfriend is unable to forgive you, or he can’t get past whatever problem has come between you, then the best thing you can do is move on… find a new relationship.

While this will be painful right now, it may be the best thing that could have happened to you. Whatever went wrong in this relationship, your soul mate is still out there. Managing to get your ex boyfriend back may stop you from meeting him!

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