How to Get My Ex Back When She Has Moved On

Don’t Give Up… It Doesn’t Mean She’s Over You…

Author: +Freddie Cook

couples0061HELP!… I’m dying here!

…Your girlfriend has moved on without you but you still want her back…

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Most guys make it really difficult for themselves and do everything wrong, then they panic because they can see her moving on without them.

But… just because she’s moved on, possibly with someone else, doesn’t mean that’s the end. So, give yourself the best chance of success and get that second chance with your ex you’re looking for…

I know it’s heart wrenching… you still want her back but she seems to have moved on without you…

I’m also fairly certain you are not sure exactly what to do or where to turn for help, because up till now, everything you’ve tried has failed to change her mind…


… so far, you’ve most likely been just the same as most other guys and made it really difficult by doing everything wrong.

Don’t blame yourself for that, it’s natural, trying all the obvious, but desperate, tactics will fail, because they are simply the wrong techniques to use.

Here’s a bit of good news, just because she’s moved on, even if it’s with someone else, doesn’t mean that’s the end. There are less obvious and much less desperate methods you can use…

If you did something that caused her to jump ship, don’t be put off. Almost anything you did can be resolved… all it takes is the right technique or method… And remember, even time and distance can be to your advantage. If you truly love her… stick with it…

Here are a few tips to help you get your ex girlfriend back, even if she has moved on to another man and no longer appears interested in you. Relationship breakups don’t have to be permanent.

Be Convincing

seductionThe first step to getting the girl of your dreams back is finding a way to connect with her again, you will need to convince her that she still wants you, and not just as a friend…

You want to avoid that “friendship zone” completely. If you’re already in that zone, then you need to learn how to get out of it.

Unless she really has no feelings for you, or you did something really unforgivable, then you have a number of options open to you.

You might also want to consider that your ex girlfriend may want you back, but for one reason or another isn’t making it very obvious. They may fear rejection, or being hurt again.

Be Friendly

One of the best things that you can do at this time is to simply be her friend. You still love your ex girlfriend so be the best friend to her that you possibly can, showing her that you understand and care, and that you can be in her company without creating any drama. But… be careful, you don’t want to stay as ‘just friends’…

Demonstrate to her that you can have fun and have a healthy friendship with her. When all the emotional displays have subsided, she may realize that she wants you back again.

Be Tantalizing

Whenever you have any contact with your ex girlfriend, be calm and be kind to her, but you will also want to be a little hard to get. You are going to want her to want you, but you’re also going to need her to want your relationship breakup rescued.

It can be much too easy just being good friends, she may decide to stay within her comfort zone, not exactly the second chance you had in mind.

Don’t let this happen, so make her feel that she cannot have you just yet. You want to give a slight air of hard to get, making her more interested in you in the process.

You could, of course, rekindle all the passion and desire she once had… and give her a nudge in the right direction at the same time.

Be Popular

You should be playing a little bit hard to get, but don’t overdo it, you also want to make sure that she knows that you are available. Get out and about with your friends and family, you might even try a little flirting, because a little bit of jealousy never hurt anyone.

But, be careful, you don’t want her to think that you are unavailable, she probably won’t come running after you. Being popular can help regain the interest of your ex and reverse your relationship breakup.

Be Cool

Appearing needy or desperate is a big turn off for most people, Confidence and happiness is what you really want to be showing, especially if you want to get her back in the shortest time.

By playing things cool to get your ex girlfriend back, you are letting her know that you are alright with the breakup, and that you are willing to move on.

This is a much better tactic than acting desperate. If you want everything to work out then avoid being clingy and play it cool.

Be Clever

Another really good thing to do is reminding her of some of the best times that you spent together. Reminiscing can help to rekindle some of her lost feelings.

These good memories will help to remind her of how good the two of you were as a couple. Let the bad memories stay in the past, don’t bring them up at all, they’ll do you no good. Recalling your good times and avoiding your bad times is always a good tactic to get your ex back.

Now, This Is How to Get My Ex Back When She Has Moved On

Taking action is the most important part of getting your ex back.

Do nothing and nothing will ever change…

Here’s an explanation of the best action you need to take to get your ex back again… and turn the whole experience into fun while you do it…

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  • just because your ex-girlfriend has moved on doesn’t necessarily mean she has moved on with someone else it can mean she has moved on from the break up and relationship, her life is forward moving well that’s what I believe.

  • You are absolutely right Dale and thanks for making that more obvious than I’ve managed to do. It’s just as common to remain single immediately after a breakup as it is to find someone new quickly. It’s also common for the breakup to be caused by this new someone…

  • Hi Freddie, thankyou for the response to my email my ex-girlfriend and I were only together for two & half months its been over 5 months since she broke up with me we are still in contact with one another via email and she has agreed to see me again even though she thinks its a final send off but I intend to prove to her that I have changed and re-attract her at the meet up I’m not attempting to try and win her back, if we get back together it has to be her idea.

  • Hi Freddie, this is a follow up from my previous message I told my ex-girlfriend that I’ve moved on and I’m sure youv’e moved on and she replied yes we have both moved on as I said in my previous message to you it’s been over 5 months since the breakup and she
    is still on her own she’s living a busy life at the moment working, studies and family so moving on shortly after a breakup or a long time after the breakup can result with that person being single and on their own…

  • Yes Dale… that’s the best way, leave that decision for your girlfriend to make without trying to pressurise her into anything. Keep things as light and upbeat as you can when you do meet up and take things from there. It’s surprising how attractive a happy and confident person can be to either sex. You seem to have the right attitude for the best chance of success… good luck with that and do let me know how you get on :o)

  • If you are still communicating amicably with each other then you are still on her mind to some degree, keep encouraging that by being light-hearted, happy and fun if you can manage that via emails. I noticed that you mentioned something about showing your ex that you’d changed. Unless you have a specific problem that you need to sort out, I always think people are much better off just being themselves. Trying to change our basic personalities is not easy in the long term, we usually revert back sooner or later. In any case, if she really doesn’t like you the way you are then you may be better off letting her go and finding someone who will appreciate you for being the unique person you are. Only you can judge that one. Good luck, either way :o)

  • Hi Freddie, she does like me the way i was that was not the problem i was just insecure and over-reacted too many times making mistakes, here’s the good news she has told me she forgives me and holds no grudges she said all good we are communicating amicably
    so I feel I have a good chance to get her back but as i said it has to be her idea if i can re-attract her at the meet up by showing her I’m emotionally full, masculine, strong & confidant I feel I stand a good chance.

  • Hi Dale, reading between the lines, you had a trust issue with your ex, sorry if I got this wrong. I always feel that trust is implicit in a relationship unless something has happened (without ANY doubt) for that trust to be questioned. If you have insecurities about yourself and your worthiness to have her as your partner that is NOT a reason to distrust her. As you say… stay confident in yourself. Best of luck, Freddie

  • No Freddie, I did not have a trust issue with her we trusted each other completely we had respect for each other we were in a relationship that was based on mutual trust and respect she told me the reason for the break up was I over-reacted and kept making the same mistakes together with my insecurities but at the meet up she is going to experience the new me she will feel attraction and respect for me again.

  • this is a follow up to my previous email i sent her an email a few weeks back telling her that i feel like our relationship didn’t end of the nicest of terms. I think it could have been done in a much more mature way. The fact is I’ve moved on and I’m sure youv’e moved on. I accept the break up but personally I think it’d be really nice if we could just catch up one last time and say good bye on nice terms, rather than going through life and looking back on it in a bad way. so look what I’m thinking is that we just catch up for an hour, its not going to be a big long catch up, it’s not a serious conversation, it’s just an opportunity for us to be able to smile and have a laugh together and talk in a nice way, i also want to be able
    to look you in the eye and apologize and wish you the best in life for your future but just to be able to end this in a mature way etc. she replied and said Hi Dale, I have to say your persistent as I’ve said before I have no hard feelings towards you. Yes we have both moved on but if it would help put this to rest I’m happy to meet u just for coffee and a chat, no need to apologize all good. my only concern is that you don’t take this as a sign of getting back together, happy to say goodbyes in a mature way if you really feel ok with that, would want and expect you to be able to handle your emotions in a mature way. I’m not hiding from you and if i ever saw you in the street I would always say helloI’m not that sort of person to ignore someone. still wave to your mum and sister etc then she goes on to say shes at her daughters all this weekend for a baby shower and twins birthday so this weekend out she’s pretty busy with her new job in the week and have been returning home tired said will be ok when i get it all under my belts lots of responsibility. When I’m free i will give u an email and maybe we could catch up its been 2 weeks and still waiting to hear back i feel shes taking her time your thoughts?

  • Hi Dale, sorry for getting it wrong before. My thoughts are that she sounds like a well grounded mature person who will know doubt send you that email. As for how she’s taking to do it? I get the impression she is just busy with life at the moment and I think it would be a big mistake to try and pressure her into anything. Be patient and see where it goes, besides, if she really is that busy then her thoughts are more likely to be on other things right now so waiting for her life to quieten down a bit will be the better way. Good luck with that, Freddie

  • Hi Freddie, I just read your email that makes me feel so much better,
    thankyou for your honest opinion this could take up to a month or more before I get that email from her but thats fine with me Iam a patient man I will keep you informed as to how things go between us
    you are right she is a well grounded mature person I love her and she knows it she also knows I care about her so very much, when I recieved her last email I replied with this I will be looking forward to catching up/meeting up with you just for a coffee and a chat let me know when you are free I will arrange a time and place for meeting.
    I just want to say I really appreciate your feed back and for giving me your opinion and advice on this matter.

  • Hi Dale, no probs, you seem to have a handle on it. Freddie

  • Hi Freddie, I have a question to ask you? when your ex-girlfriend has agreed to meet up for a coffee & a chat but she takes her time letting him know can that be a good sign?

  • Hi Dale, I’m afraid there is no definite answer to that one. There are a lot of possibilities as to why your ex gf is taking her time, but as she’s agreed to meet you anyway, does it really matter. It’s your meeting that’s important now and you would be better off concentrating on that rather than on reasons for things you have no control over. If you’re struggling with that, there are systems outlined on the site that will help you, especially with a workable plan of action :o)

  • Hi Freddie, that’s a good answer no I’m not struggling with that Iam being patient with her I know she will make contact and send the email thankyou for your prompt reply I will keep you posted and let u know how things go.

  • Hi Freddie, this morning I logged onto the dating site where me and my ex-girlfriend first met for a long time she had her profile hidden but this morning I noticed her profile active I have sent her a contact request and I’m certain she knows it I was thinking of sending her a short email to let her know my profile is also active and to accept my contact request do you think it would be ok to do that your thoughts?

  • Hi Freddie, this is a follow up to my previous message when her profile was hidden and it had been hidden for a long time I had the option to send her a contact request each time it expired and I did
    on a week by week basis just maybe she decided to activate her profile for me to see, also sometimes she activates her profile then within 24 to 48 hours she hides her profile.

  • I think you should stick to your original plan and stop trying to read between the lines. I’m getting the impression that you your ex girlfriend has become an obsession. Stop checking up on her online activities. Stop finding every excuse to contact her. You already have a meeting arranged, be happy with that, be patient and stop trying to force things. What you are doing just now is the opposite to what you should be doing. I’m also getting the impression that you’re just winging it without any real understanding of what you’re doing. Sorry to sound so harsh, but you started off sounding as though you had a handle on your situation, your last 2 comments, however, read more like stalking. Please be careful…

  • Hi Freddie, I’ve had a long hard think about it and I’ve decided to wait
    until i recieve her email it has been nearly 1 month without contact from her but in regards to time frame its not important what is important is that I recieve her email it will come but I have to wait and be patient, its been six and a half months since the breakup and only a short two and a half months together thankyou for your helpful advice I really do appreciate it have a great weekend mate I will be in touch soon.

  • well i had a little misunderstanding with my girl friend which lead to break up..Actually she said she doesnt used to feel the same way she used to feel about me .and i kept on begging her , telling her i really need her …please help me how can i get her bak

  • Hi Fareed, if you’ve read some of the posts then I’m sure you now realise that pleading and begging with your girlfriend is the wrong way to go about getting her back, it sends the wrong message no matter how heart-felt or sincere you make it, it rarely works, if ever. Have you read this post? It should give you some more insight into how you should go about it. Best of luck, Freddie

  • Hello everyone, I was just reading your comments and thanks to you guys I have a pretty good idea on how to get my ex boyfriend back. It’s being almost two weeks, he’s being avoiding me and doesn’t wanna say what happened in our relationship. We had almost 3 years together and he loved out of state a few months back, I was going to move there too after I graduate from college. The thing is that I went to see him 2 months ago and the plan was to move in together in 3 months from now. One day he changed completely, breaks up with me, starts a relationship with a woman 6 years older than him that has 2 grown kids and 5 days later they break up. I feel like he’s confused and after trying to convince him to get back together, ill take the path of the “friend”. Today he as agreed to be friends with me but hasn’t told me what happened that his feelings changed. I’m going to show to him that I’m calm and happy for the break up and eventually tell him that I move on…. With time ill try to get him back

  • my ex gf and i just broke up after 8 years, we had a 3some with a girl (not the first time) and it just fizzled after that. i tried to get her to talk about it and she just shut me down and out. tried to friend zone me then said we couldnt even do that she was too hurt. i am in a very bad place in my life and all i want is to have her back turn back time like six months. 8yrs must be something right? how can i get her to fall back in love. we have had a dog together for four years. im hoping to use that to my advantage.

  • I could tell the whole story of what I did wrong…but it is too long to post. I messed up a lot and up until she would mention it, I never realized how bad it was…and when i tried to fix it, the damage had already been done. we broke up about the beginning of may and she got a new boyfriend very quickly after. i did try to not talk to her…but that worked for 3 days even when she tried to contact me during it. she said she does still have feelings for me and that I was a huge impact on her life since we dated for over 9 1/2 months, but wants to be friends. I am okay with that, but I want another chance…a real one. one to show her i can be the right person for her regardless of what happened in the past! she does still have her new boyfriend and as of today, we did agree to take a little break as she said, and I wasn’t going to fight it, so i complied. i like to think i’m still in her mind…that she’s still thinking of me, because i am thinking of her a lot and still new things to do and creative ways to do things if i can get that second chance. I don;t know how long the break will last, but i would like it to be over ASAP preferably and just be able to slowly start getting her back even though she has her new boyfriend. I just need to know how to go about it from the end of the break, up to winning her heart back. I’ve read just about every post there is on this and i really don;t know what to believe or do. And the thought of moving on has crossed my mind, but honestly, she lived up to every expectation…and i messed it up…i did not know i was until it slowly came to me and i put my trying into overdrive for her…and it still did not work…Any advice would be greatly appreciated, but i will not move on the way most do. i believe in not giving up no matter how tough it is, and she is well worth the fight.

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